Vector relief map Eastern USA


Vector relief map (Illustrator) covering eastern USA and ‘lower’ Canada, for elaborating content highlighting any state (selectable by one click)
Easy highlighting of each state as in this example (Maryland).
Immediate download

maryland highlighted


This vector map of the eastern United States and Ontario and part of Quebec will be an incredible time-saver for publishers, researchers, cartographers and video producers who want to draw single maps or make animations based on the physical geography, neatly separated state by state. Each state is selectable in one click for highlighting or processing as desired. All lines (coast and contours) crafted with bezier curves for a perfectly smooth finish.
Other output available for rivers and canals, content assembled for the North American Waterways Map, 2nd edition, also available in this shop.
Immediate download.
Separate products available for borders, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Also an ‘outline only’ version.
eastern USA lines